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“No Questions, Please!” The 8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Ace Your Next Q&A

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One of my favorite cartoons from the New Yorker shows a speaker at a podium with the caption, “I will now fend off questions from the audience.” Why does that make me chuckle? Because most of us, when making a presentation, regard the Q&A portion as a war zone. We want to make our presentation (and I

How to Guarantee You’ll Be Less Productive and Never Have Any Time for Yourself

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For years, my to-do list gave me a sinking feeling of déjà-vu: It looked suspiciously like the to-do list I had seen the week before, and the week before that... and yes, the week before that. Sound familiar? (I can see you nodding). Read the rest of the article

‘I Don’t Deserve to Be This Happy’ — A Conflicted, Self-Inflicted Confession

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I have come to realize that this way of thinking is self-imposed slavery, and I want to break free. I don't want the plague of spending the rest of my life helping people find happiness, while suffering silently for having that happiness myself. One of the hardest parts of being on the road, for work,

Giving Effective Feedback Means Knowing When Not to Give It

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It was prolific writer and British Baptist preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who first wrote, “If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.” Little did he know that his remark would resonate painfully inside the heads of managers worldwide who have been charged with delegating responsibilities, despite their gnawing feeling that that task would