Here are some of my quick tips for being a more effective communicator. Want more video tips? Click here for my online course

How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

Presenting in English If You’re a Nonnative Speaker

Connecting with Audience for Non Native English Speakers

The Importance of a Presentation Dress Rehearsal

Planning Your Presentation Q A

Building Transitions into Your Presentation

Accepting Positive Feedback as a Gift

Dealing with Presentation Anxiety

The Most Important Presentation Tip You Need To Know

Ebb and Flow of Interactive Presentations

Don’t Have A Big Conversation Without These 3 Questions

How to Sound Like You…Only Better

The #1 Secret of Working With Difficult People

My Top Secret Strategy for Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Handling Hostile Questions in Your Presentation

Handling Informational Questions in a Presentation

Don’t Memorize that Presentation

Presenting in English When English Isn’t Your Native Language

Key Elements to a Successful Presentation

Great Beginnings Starting Your Speech

Using Body Language to Engage Global Audiences

How to Build Rapport with Your Audience