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In a Sales Slump? Here’s 1 Simple Mindset Shift to Get You Out of It

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Your mindset matters more than you think. When it comes to evaluating success for salespeople, it's often focused on one thing: the win. Asking for the customer's business and getting a quick and enthusiastic "yes!" seems, at times, to be the only thing that counts. This mindset, and the aggressive behavior that it drives, comes at a cost. According

Want to Be a Better Public Speaker? Stop Talking and Do This Instead

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Your silence is a gift to yourself and your audience. Successful presentations motivate, educate, and inspire listeners to take action. From the attention-getting opening to the powerful close--and the concrete, key messages in the middle--memorable presenters know to how to deliver their content in an engaging way. How? Read the rest of the article  

How Anyone Can Tell a Story like J.K. Rowling

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Top business schools ranging from Columbia to Wharton teach storytelling as a way to prepare leaders to deliver compelling, persuasive messages that appeal to both heads and hearts. Firms ranging from KMPG to Deloitte now couple candidate recruitment with storytelling, and companies like Nike and Disney include “storytelling skills” among other qualifications for open jobs.