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Saying These 2 Words During a Big Presentation Could Damage Your Credibility

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Apologizing may just ruin your presentation. Every presentation is an opportunity to demonstrate your confidence, competence and character.  You have the chance to prove that you understand your audience's concerns, and show how you can meet their needs. And, when you do it well, you also get to boost your personal and professional credibility. Until you say, "I'm sorry." Saying, "I'm

3 Mistakes Managers Make During One-on-One Meetings

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Meetings should educate, motivate, and develop your people. The late, great fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once remarked, "I don't do meetings." And if you were Karl Lagerfeld, you didn't have to. For the rest of us, however, meetings are a part of getting work done, even if they often feel like an interruption of our real work. No matter what you think of meetings in