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3 Things to Do Immediately After an Argument at Work

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Blowing up can have a lasting impact if you don't address it as soon as possible. Author and business leader Margaret Heffernan once remarked, "For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate." Nevertheless, many of us would rather not engage in conflict, argument or debate (and maybe even avoid human interaction altogether). We work hard

Why the Most Successful Leaders Don’t Care About Being Liked

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Being liked is fleeting. Here's what matters more There's nothing wrong with wanting to be liked at work. According to Tim Sanders, author of The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life's Dreams when your colleagues, direct reports and bosses like you, you have a better chance of getting promoted, being assigned special projects that interest

Staying Calm All the Time Can Actually Hurt Your Career. Here’s Why

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A dispassionate leader isn't inspiring anyone. When we think about effective leaders, many of us picture someone who is calm, cool, and collected under stressful conditions. We envision someone who is reliably even-keeled in the best of times and the worst of times, who can assuage anxiety with a placid demeanor during change and transition and is unruffled when