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10 Reasons You’re Talking Too Much, and What to Do About It

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Most of us are talking too much and not adding value. Whether you think of yourself as Chatty Charlie, Reserved Rebecca or someone in between, chances are you have experienced the power of saying more with less. If you've ever worked in an office where someone stage-whispered "layoffs are coming" across the cubicle farm, you've

‘I’m Sorry’ Can Undermine Your Career. Here’s What to Say Instead

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When "I'm sorry" becomes overused, it gets tuned out -- and so do you. We all make mistakes. From minor ones like mispronouncing someone's name (which, depending on the person, could be a big deal) to major ones like making an expensive misguided hire, every single one of us can remember the workplace errors we've made that are cringe-worthy

12 Phrases that Will Make Your Audience Put Down Their Cell Phones and Pay Attention to You

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Know the magic word that cuts through the noise. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once gave this pithy advice for making a good presentation: "Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated." As a professional speaker and presentation coach for the past two decades, I agree with this public speaking wisdom, and I would add one more tip: "Be memorable."