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How to Keep Your Cool When Your Audience Asks Tough Questions

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A challenging question won't undermine your confidence if you have a plan. Making a presentation under the best of circumstances can be nerve-wracking. From worrying about whether the rest of your team is as prepared (or unprepared) as you are, and making sure that the technology works, to confirming that your stories resonate, and that

Sheryl Sandberg Mastered 3 Presentation Skills in 3 Minutes. And You Can, Too

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Being a memorable, persuasive speaker requires building connection, being current and boosting credibility. When it comes to making a persuasive presentation, there are several elements that are core to making it a success. As Aristotle said eons ago, persuasion requires appealing to ethos (trust), logos (intellect), and pathos (emotions), no matter who your audience is.

Do These 5 Things to Turn a Stressful Presentation to Your Boss Into an Opportunity

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Presenting to your boss can be terrifying. Here's how to calm down and step up your game. Even under the best of circumstances, it can be intimidating to make a presentation. Public speaking is a major source of anxiety for many professionals, whose worries may range from feeling underprepared, anticipating difficult questions, or assuming that