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5 Situations Where You Need to Avoid Giving Feedback

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Performance feedback helps, unless it makes things worse. Here are five times to skip giving feedback until you have a smarter strategy. Perhaps your company still engages in traditional annual performance reviews. Or maybe you have ditched the formalities for “just in time” feedback. Or possibly, you have come up with an innovative, novel way

When Mindset Isn’t Enough

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5 practical strategies for managing public speaking anxiety. As someone who speaks internationally, I have a lot of experience working with professional interpreters. So when a LinkedIn connection recently asked his network to share their most important tips for working with interpreters, I was curious to see what responses he got. I was struck by

20 Things that Great Presenting Teams Ask Before They Open their Mouth

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Presenting as a team can showcase your talent -- or make you look unprofessional and uncoordinated. Here's how to make a team presentation work for you. You might think that having two or three other colleagues to co-lead your presentation, pitch or proposal with can cut the preparation and practice down significantly for each of